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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Privacy Policy of Meembot! Here is the detailed explanation of how we use your data! They apply to your use of our services. The policy was last updated on 5th March 2022

When we say "services", we mean the services we provide to you, including but not limited to the bot, website, and APIs, and premium features.

When we say "we", "us" or "our", we refer to us as owners, team members, and developers.

  1. Summary:

    1. We care about your privacy! Our goal is to provide ease and simplicity for the usage of Discord. We help perform multiple complex tasks in a few simple clicks and keystrokes. We help manage and engage your Discord Server with the use of our services. Thus, there is no reason for us to collect unnecessary data and chats!
    2. We only collect data related to the functionality and per-server configuration and statistics of our bot. Also, you are the ones who manage the stored data of yourselves and your servers. All the stored data is referenced to the data that is already public, like your unique user and server identifiers!
    3. We do not sell your data since that was not our mission in the first place! Our mission is to make communities easier to manage than they have ever been! We earn through the premium features of our services, thats it!
  2. Information we collect:

    1. User Data: Your user data is not collected without any of your interaction. Only data concerning our services is collected. As of now, the only data collected is your premium level, Meembot boosts, and boosted servers.
    2. Server Data: Your server data is not collected without any of your interaction. Only data concerning our services is collected. As of now, only data related to the functionality and per-server configuration of the bot is collected.
    3. Logs: Data logged globally by the bot to us includes your basic server info, including your server name and ID, owner name and ID, and server member count. However, in some cases, it can be used to log mutual servers and other basic public data. Data logged by the home page of the website only include API calls by you visiting the site. However, other pages do not fetch data from APIs and thus are safe to use if you do not accept the terms and policy.
    4. Messages: We do not log messages from different servers to peek on privacy. However, /log message_updates is a logging method that logs deleted/edited messages in those servers that have this feature enabled, to those people who have access to view the channel in that specific server that it is bound to.
NOTE: The Privacy Policy is subject to change. However, if you join the support server, you will be updated whenever the policy is subject to major changes, like modification of some term. But if the changes are slight (e.g. Punctuation/Grammar), you will not be notified upon the modification of this policy.

Other than the ToS and Privacy Policy webpages, upon using our services, adding the bot to your server, or interacting with the bot, you agree to this policy. However, if you want your data to be removed at at any point, you can contact us in the Support Server.